What to Expect as a New Dog Owner

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If you are considering becoming a pet owner, this is not a decision you should enter into lightly. While this may seem like an overly serious way to approach this topic, there are too many animals that have been given up due to someone’s rush decision to own a pet, and then either their lack of enthusiasm catches up with them or the animal proves too difficult to deal for you to take this decision lightly. Many pets end up mistreated, neglected, or given up in order to find it a better home. If you are considering owning a dog, the following article may be able to help you out, as it outlines what you should expect as a new dog owner. For more information, visit a clinic, animal shelter, or the Spotsylvania Animal Hospital.

What to Expect as a New Dog Owner

Owning a dog can be a joyful and exuberant experience. Dogs are loyal, trusting, and fun loving. Owning a dog is also hard work and requires a commitment. Not a commitment for a few months, but for all of the years of your dog’s life, from their cute puppyhood, through potty training and obedience lessons, and all the way through to their difficult final years. If you are considering owning a dog, the following list outlines what you can expect as you become a new dog owner.

  • Are you willing to be up all night? If you decide to get a puppy, then you should expect a few sleepless nights. Pups have a hard time leaving their mother, even if they are eight weeks old and ready to do so. They may cry themselves to sleep for a few nights, and if you have them sleeping in your room, be prepared for a few sleepless nights! No worries, as this phase quickly passes, and before you know it your pup will be snoozing soundlessly next to your bed.
  • Do you want a companion for many years to come? If you want a dog just because you want a puppy, then you should not get a pet. Dogs are only puppies for several weeks, and then they get larger and become adults. A dog can be an exceptional companion, and will stay by your side for many years to come if that is what you wish. Owning a dog is not only a big responsibility, but it is a rewarding partnership that provides companionship and love for those who wish to take the plunge and become pet owners.
  • Are you ready for unexpected expenses? Sure, a small dog may seem as if they will not need much to survive. They eat small portions, and do not require a pen or a large space in order to be entertained. In reality, your dog will cost you much more than your initial purchase. Large dogs are expensive to feed, and many types of dogs are destructive and will damage your property (inside and outside of your home). Your dog may need to be spayed or neutered. Your dog could get sick or injured, and the treatment will cost you money. Your dog may require obedience school or specialized training if he or she is unruly. In addition, you need to take your dog to the vet annually in order to update his or her vaccinations and to make sure he or she is healthy. For more information about why visiting the vet is important, speak with the experts at Spotsylvania Animal Hospital.
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Four Steps to Getting Healthy Trees on Your Property

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With springtime right around the corner, you may find yourself looking at your yard feeling excited but overwhelmed at the work ahead of you. Taking care of your yard can be a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home and increase the overall value of it. You can hire someone, such as Apache Tree Service, to help you take on your daunting tasks. One of these tasks may include planting and caring for new trees on your property. In order to get healthy trees, there are four things that every homeowner should be prepared to do themselves or to hire someone to do it for them: plant, water, fertilize, and prune.


It’s best to plant during a dormant period to allow sufficient time for the roots to establish in the ground. This is typically before buds start to sprout or after the leaves drop. The timing may differ based on your climate or the thing that you want to plant. You should do your research or talk to a professional to help you know the best time.


When it’s first planted, the tree will require larger amounts of water. After that initial watering, you’ll need to figure out how much and how often you should water. The frequency will be based on the soil type that you have, the amount of rainfall that your area gets, and the type of plant that you have. It’s best to water in the early morning using a drip irrigation system. This allows it to soak deep to the roots.


Before buying fertilizer, you should purchase a kit that can test your soil to discover the nutrient content. You’ll want to replenish the nutrients that may be lacking or nonexistent. As a part of the fertilization process, you’ll need to mulch the soil to prevent soil compaction, allow oxygen to move through the soil, and attain even temperature and moisture levels. This step can help boost growth while reducing the potential for pests and disease to harm your tree.


Pruning needs to take place around late spring and summer. There are several methods that can be used. You’ll need to determine the method to use based on what you hope to achieve through it. Some reasons that you may need to prune include removing older branches, trimming away diseased wood, reducing the number of stems, creating a walkway or pathway under it, or reshaping it to help it grow better. There are also certain methods, such as topping or stubbing, that should never be used. If you’ve never pruned before, you should talk to a professional to have him or her walk you through the process. You may also want to have someone examine your tree for you first. They may find that there is a problem with it that will call for tree removal.

Once you’ve picked out your trees and brought them home, you need to know the proper way to to plant, water, fertilize, and prune them. These steps will help your trees grow healthy. If you have any questions about how to do this or you don’t have the time and energy to do it properly, contact someone like Apache Tree Service to help you through the process and do the things that you need to in order to get the yard that you want.

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Protecting Your Cell with Silicone iPhone 4 Cases

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Cell phones aren’t cheap. Sometimes you can get one on a deal, but just because it cost less than sticker price doesn’t mean you can treat it like a piece of junk. Take the time to protect your phone. There are several different things you can do. Shopping for silicone iPhone 4 cases is just one way to keep your phone in mint condition.

Stow Away

One of the worst places to store you phone is in your purse. Even in a case, your phone can take unnecessary abuse from your wallet, your keys, and other items that float around. Many purses have pockets designed to hold cell phones. These are better than letting it roam free, but you still have to be sure it’s out of the way of danger. If the pocket is high in the purse, near the top, it will offer better protection in the long run. But don’t take it out of the case to fit it in the pocket.

Avoid Moisture

Accidents happen; it’s a fact of life. However, there are many accidents that can be avoided with a little forethought. For example, not talking on your phone or carrying it in the bathroom will prevent water from the sink from splashing on it or dropping it where you don’t want to retrieve it.

Another moisture problem people don’t realize they create is having their phone in the bathroom when they are in the shower. Even setting it on the counter can leave it open to moisture damage. Steam from your shower will easily work its way into the cracks in your phone, not to mention the port for your charger, and corrode the precious metals inside.

Recharge Often

Rechargeable batteries are not meant to be drained. They are also not meant to be plugged in all the time. Therefore, when you get the warning that your battery is dying, turn off your phone and plug it in to charge immediately. Also, only charge your phone for the time it takes to refuel the battery. Silicone iPhone 4 cases will have an opening for the charger to fit through so you won’t have to take it out of the case to charge it.

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Getting More Out of a Truck

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Though a truck is large, it is a very helpful vehicle to own. It is stronger than most other vehicles, and you can use it in many situations. If you have a truck that you enjoy using and you want to use it in new ways, there are things you can do to improve your truck, make it more useful and get more out of it. You can do anything from adding a trailer hitch to getting truck hinge caps in Cleveland. Learn about the different things you can add to your truck to get more out of it, and decide which additions you would like to get.

Great Truck Additions

A very simple addition that you can put on your truck is a trailer hitch. This hitch will allow you to pull things behind your truck like a trailer or boat. Make sure that you know how much weight your truck can pull, and do not put any more weight on your truck than it can handle. Find the appropriate hitch size before you put it on your truck. Because it can stick out behind your car, you may want to put the actual hitch in the back of your truck and only attach it when you need it. 

Another great addition is a toolbox that goes in the bed of your truck. There is a lot of room for storage, but there is so much space it can be difficult to keep things organized. If you use tools on a regular basis and want to have them with you, you can get a toolbox that sits permanently in your truck. It will not take up a lot of space but will provide you with what you need when you need it. You will always be able to find your tools. 

If you want to be able to protect what you are putting in your truck, you can get a shell for the bed of the pickup truck. This shell can lock but can still be easily opened so you can access the bed of your truck. The shell will protect your belongings from the elements, and people will not be able to get to what is in there. You will not have to worry about where you leave your truck with things inside the bed. 

If you have a lot of weight on your truck on a regular basis, getting a lift kit added to the truck can give you more of the suspension you need. It can make the ride smoother and will make you comfortable knowing that your truck is not too close to the ground because of the weight that is on it. A lift kit can easily be put in, so help your suspension if it needs it. 

If you feel that you do not have enough space in your truck, a truck cap can add more space in the back. This will allow you to fit that extra storage in there. Truck caps are easy to put on and take off, so you can remove it whenever you want to. Be aware that adding more space does not mean your truck can handle more weight, so always be aware of the weight that you are putting into your truck. As long as you keep this in mind, truck hinge caps in Cleveland can be very helpful.

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How To Pack Efficiently For A Move

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D & D Moving & Storage, Inc.Moving ranks among the most stressful activities a person ever has to do. Fortunately, a lot of anxiety can be eliminated by learning a few things from experts like D & D Moving & Storage, Inc. Professional movers gladly supply potential customers with advice. Knowing how to get started relieves a lot of the pressure. Taking the following 5 tips under consideration will make this venture even easier.

1. Buy Quality Packing Supplies

Dumpster-diving can be a fun activity, but should not be considered when you need moving boxes. The cardboard containers that were discarded by stores and businesses are unsuitable for many different reasons. They are often flimsy and also vary widely in size. That makes stacking nearly impossible. Buy moving supplies like boxes, bubble wrap, labels,

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How To Pack Efficiently For A Move

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D & D Moving & Storage, IncMoving ranks among the most stressful activities a person ever has to do. Fortunately, a lot of anxiety can be eliminated by learning a few things from experts like D & D Moving & Storage, Inc. Professional movers gladly supply potential customers with advice. Knowing how to get started relieves a lot of the pressure. Taking the following 5 tips under consideration will make this venture even easier.

1. Buy Quality Packing Supplies

Dumpster-diving can be a fun activity, but should not be considered when you need moving boxes. The cardboard containers that were discarded by stores and businesses are unsuitable for many different reasons. They are

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Ferrous Metal Recycling Is Good for Your and the Environment

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Recycling metals isn’t only good for the environment; it can be good for your wallet. Where do you find metals that you can recycle for money? The answer is; everywhere! While you may not think that turning to ferrous metal recycling is a lucrative business, there are many people who make extra cash for Christmas, school clothes, or to pay for home improvements.

Ferrous Metals

A ferrous metal will have some iron in them. How do you know if it has iron in it? One way is by knowing what type of metal you are looking at. Steel, cast iron, wrought iron, and stainless steel are all ferrous metals.

Another way to tell is if the metal is rusting. Wrought iron and stainless steel don’t rust, even though they are ferrous metals. However, other types of iron metals will rust. So if you see rust, like on a fender, then you know it’s a ferrous metal.

Another way to tell is to use a magnet. Most ferrous metals will attract a magnet. If you’re out scrounging for scrap metals take a magnet with you. If it sticks, you can take it in for recycling.

Finding Metal

Where can you go to find scrap metal for recycling? It’s all over the place if you just take a moment to look. Old refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, cars, bikes, and golf clubs are just a few of the larger items hanging around the house. Perhaps you don’t have anything like this on your property; do your neighbors? Would they be interested in having you haul it away for them? Helping your sister to get rid of the old car in her yard can be a lucrative afternoon if you take the car to the recycling yard. You may have to do some prep work before you can drop it off so check with the yard before you bring it in. The work is basic. Taking off the tires or removing the battery are about as difficult as the tasks get. Although, you may have to drain the gas tank which can be a little more involved.

Taking It In

When you take metal to a scrap or recycling yard, your vehicle will be weighed as you pull in and then again after you unload. The difference in the weight of the vehicle will determine the amount you are paid.

If you own a business that produces scrap metal, talk to the local recycling yard about providing containers on site. They will provide you with the container and then set up a collection plan. You can have regular pickups or have them come on a call-in basis. That way, your business runs smoothly and you’re not backed up.

Ferrous metal recycling is one of the largest recycling businesses in the world. It doesn’t take much to make a difference in the environment and spending some time gathering recyclable metals is a good way to help. Getting the kids involved in collecting metals can be a good way for them to earn some extra cash for prom. They can see that it takes time and effort to make money and that it doesn’t grow on trees.

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